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Anti-Judaism Movies

Those In Power: Episode 3: The Sacrifice (2006) - 180 minutes
Those In Power: Episode 3: The Sacrifice at

Party leader Elizabeth Meyer has never made a big deal of the fact that she comes from a Jewish family. Because of her background, she's begun getting death threats from Islamic fundamentalists. Yet the greatest problem she faces comes from within; she's slowly succumbing to the family disease of Alzheimer's. She has one plan left, however. She's determined to win the national election and pass on the leadership to her Crown Princess.

(Webmaster's comment:
Because they are Jews, Muslims hate them without reason.
White supremacists can use this to further their cause.)

Arne Dahl: Episodes 9 & 10: Europa Blues (2012) - 180 minutes
Arne Dahl: Episodes 9 & 10: Europa Blues at

A balmy summer night. The stillness is broken when a Jewish neuroscientist is found strung up by his feet above a grave in Stockholm. Meanwhile, a car is waiting outside a refugee facility in Vresta with the engine running. A few minutes later, a risky escape to a distant destination begins. The following morning a zookeeper makes a macabre discovery in the wolverine enclosure at Skansen, and the leads slowly start to take shape. The summer has started badly for the A-group. The cold winds of change are blowing through the corridors of National CID and somewhere out in Europe evil lies in wait for inspector Arto Söderstedt. A man is found dead, hung from a tree. Another body is found in Skansen's wolverine enclosure. Five girls attempt to flee from Sweden. The A Unit is called to investigate three macabre crimes and soon their resources are stretched to breaking point. Hultin pushes them hard as she fights budget cuts that would mean losing nearly half the team. Soderstedt is dispatched to Italy where he encounters a dangerous Mafia boss. Pushed ever harder by Hultin for results, the A Unit's investigation seems to have stalled. When the team finally makes a discovery it may have come too late for Soderstedt, who's in mortal danger.

(Webmaster's comment: Abused women bring a Nazi war criminal to justice.)

Anti-Judaism Movies