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Atheist Billboards for 2019

Individual Images of Atheist Billboards for May-June 2019
Billboards go up starting May 13th and run through July 7th
in the South Minnesota Ave and 41st Street intersection area.

There will be a total of 2 Digital Billboards
and 3 Static Billboards.

Below is the Digital Atheist Billboard appearing at
South Minnesota Ave and 41st Street
and also just North of Highway 229.

Sioux Falls Atheists: U.S. Church Membership Down Sharply In past Two Decades! Because More Have No Religion and More have Left Religion!

Below are the 2 Static Atheist Billboards appearing just
West and East of South Minnesota Ave and 41st Street.

Sioux Falls Atheists:  No God, No Devil, No Heaven, No Hell. There's No Proof Of The Supernatural! So Prayer Doesn't Work! We're On Our Own!

Sioux Falls Atheists: Tribulations, the Great Deception, the Rapture, and Armageddon! The ''End of Times'' Has Been Promised For Over 1,000 Years! Don't Hold Your Breath!

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Atheist Billboards for 2019