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CMM, Child Mental Mutilation!
Speak out against it whenever you hear about it or encounter it!

We at Sioux Falls Atheists are coining a new acronym CMM, "Child Mental Mutilation." Child Mental Mutilation refers to teaching children the anti-science claims that "There is no Evolution", "There was no Evolution,"The Earth is only 6,000 Years Old," "Dinosaurs lived at the same time as Man," "The Earth is Flat," "The Sun Circles the Earth," "The Earth is the Center of the Universe," and "The Earth is Square." Teaching these untruths to children cripples them mentally, often for life. It leaves them incapable of dealing with the real world! There are few crimes greater than the deliberate mutilation of a child's mind. It ranks right up there with physical or sexual abuse of a child, which also often mentally cripples a child for life. There can be no excuse for any of these crimes against children!

Sioux Falls Atheists has collected over 3,300 atheism and humanism related news articles over the past 19 years that track the growth and development of atheism and humanism during that time.

During that time we have seen a generally more tolerant attitude and more acceptance of non-belief in a spiritual being of any kind. Currently, about 23% of Americans are non-believers or believers in a non-traditional belief system. About 4% are believers in atheism and can properly be called atheists. They have become more outspoken than in the past but they are often their own worst enemy. Some preach hate of Christians and religions almost as vehemently as any evangelists ever preached against atheism. Shame on them. They actually hurt the image of atheists in the public's mind and win no one over to the philosophy of atheism. All they do is provide ammunition for the defense of those they want to have rejected. Instead, they are the ones rejected. Dumb!

But there are bigger issues that atheists need to deal with. The main ones being that statistics show that religious people are happier, healthier and live longer than non-believers. How can that be? Some of the courses offered (described) on the Sioux Falls Atheists website give some clues. Reality does not seem to fit our preconceived notions that non-belief will make us happier, it actually seems not to do so. It seems spirituality (note, that's not the same as being religious or being a "believer") has a genetic component. So there's probably some survival and breeding benefit to being spiritual. The brains of people who believe strongly and pray enthusiastically light up like Christmas trees while being brain scanned. Their brains are being flooded with all sorts of endorphins and other naturally produced chemicals. They are, without a doubt, in a state of naturally induced euphoria. It makes them feel very good about life and what they believe in.

Perhaps that's why spiritual people are so hard to convince that they are wrong in their beliefs. We're trying to convince them to give up something that fills them with a natural high and all these strong positive feelings. And we atheists have nothing to offer to match that except for the harshness of reality. Not that we'll ever give up what we believe, but it should be easy to see why others cling so strongly to what they believe. In their minds their spiritual belief, whatever it is, is reality.

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