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(Webmaster's comment: Some of these charities below are religious charities. So What! What's important is helping others, not worrying about who's organized the help. It's good people that matter and what they do to help others that matters, not what their religious beliefs might happen to be. The two religious charities below allow one to target one's contributions to specific goods or services, thus you can be reasonably assured that you're not sending boxes of bibles, but providing goods or services that will really help people.)

World Vision - Donate Animals as a Charitable Gift
World Vision
Donate an animal. Give the gift of an animal like a goat, chicken, cow, pig, bull, or sheep to make a life-changing difference for a child in need. Animals can provide families with nourishment, vital income, fertilizer for crops, and much more.

Heifer International - Farm Animal Donations - Charity Ending Hunger and Poverty
Heifer International
Farm animal donations help reduce hunger and poverty. Equip communities with sustainable tools that enable them to provide for themselves. Giving an animal is like giving someone a small business, providing wool, milk, eggs and more. Animal donations can provide families a hand up, increasing access to medicine, school, food and a sustainable livelihood.

(Webmaster's comment: The above two charities are my favorites. People receiving these gifts do not just kill the gift for food right away. You give a chicken and you not only give eggs, you give more chickens. You give a cow and you not only give milk, you give more cows. Chickens can live 10 productive years, that's a lot of eggs and more chickens, Cows can also live 10 productive years, that's a lot of milk and 10 more cows. Sheep provide wool and make more sheep. Goats make more goats and goat milk makes cheese. Water Buffalo make the difference between back-breaking work and plowing. So do an ox and a plow. Donkeys, camels, llamas, alpacas, pigs, ducks, geese, rabbits, fish, bees; all these gifts of animals continue giving your gift for their entire life span.)

Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Borders works in nearly 70 countries providing medical aid to those most in need regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation. They provide independent, impartial assistance to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care, or natural disasters. They also reserve the right to speak out to bring attention to neglected crises, challenge inadequacies or abuse of the aid system, and to advocate for improved medical treatments and protocols. In 1999, Doctors Without Borders received the Nobel Peace Prize.

(Webmaster's comment: One of the most effective methods of giving to these organizations is an automatic monthly donation using a credit card. For as little as $20-$30 a month you can have a continuing significant and positive impact on the lives of people that need help, or a continuing significant and positive impact for a cause that you believe in. It really is the way to go.)

Movie showing an example of the work done
by one Charity Endorsed by Sioux Falls Atheists

The Motherland Afghanistan movie on the following page describes the kind of work being done by the Doctors Without Borders charity supported by the Sioux Falls Atheists. The movie is not a Doctors Without Borders movie but it is an excellent example of kind of hardships and difficulties (including being killed by the United States armed forces - see below) their volunteers face, and of the help they provide to those without access to any healthcare services.

This movie is available from but you are free to obtain it from many other sources. Amazon offers it on their website also with many alternate sources, often less expensive. It is probably also available on and elsewhere for on-line viewing. You are free to choose whatever source you please. The movie link on the following page points to the movie location at Amazon.

4-29-16 Kunduz hospital bombing 'not a war crime' says Pentagon
Kunduz hospital bombing 'not a war crime' says Pentagon
A US air strike that destroyed a medical charity's clinic in northern Afghanistan, killing 42 people, was not a war crime, the Pentagon has said. Confirming disciplinary charges against 16 US service personnel, General Joseph Votel said the "tragic strike" was due to human and technical errors. A US gunship mistook the hospital at Kunduz, run by Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF), for a building that had been seized by Taliban fighters. No-one will face criminal charges. But as the error was "unintentional", it did not constitute a war crime, Gen Votel said, an accusation MSF has previously levelled at the US. The United States has previously attacked Doctors without Borders facilities in error. They are easy targets!) (Webmaster's comment: Medecins sans Frontieres is Doctors without Borders. When is America going to stop their terrorist campaign against the innocent people of Afghanistan? Doctors without Borders is a worldwide charity that supports doctors helping the sick and wounded all over the world. This is not an innocent mistake. This was a deliberate terrorist attack by American gung-ho military brutes on a target complete incapable of doing anything but screaming as they die. What heroes we are!)

Charities for Atheists, Agnostics, and Humanists
and for all others with Open Minds
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Atheists