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The Europeans have no problem with exposing what Christian churches are guilty of or presenting the horrors of child sexual abuse. The frankness of that exposure has led to Europeans having 1/6 of the child sexual abuse that we have in the United States. As early as 6 years old, European children learn what to watch out for and know that they can report the abuse and be believed.

Van Veeteren: Episode 3 - Moreno and the Silence (2006) - 87 minutes
Van Veeteren: Episode 3 - Moreno and the Silence at

As Moreno investigates the murder of a young woman from a religious community, its members close ranks and quit talking. When a girl is murdered soon after leaving a closed religious community, Moreno faces a difficult investigation as the community closes ranks and refuses to cooperate. When another girl is abducted and her bloody fingernails mailed to the police, tongues begin to loosen.

(Webmaster's comment:
The Pure Life Church wants to live outside the law and
punish, and even kill, its own members if they disobey God;
just like the Word of Life Church did in New York City.)

The Eagle: Episodes 19 & 20 - Thanatos (2006) - 60 minutes
The Eagle: Episodes 19 & 20 - Thanatos at

The murder and abuse of a little girl in Stockholm lead Hallgrim and his team to a world-wide pedophilia network, and a mysterious man who calls himself "The Groom". The police locate Kyle, the murderer of the little Danish girl, on his honeymoon in Oslo. When the body of an 8-year-old Danish girl is found in Stockholm, the Swedish police require the assistance of Hallgrim Hallgrimson. The murder of a young Danish girl in Stockholm has prompted Hallgrim's squad to launch an international action to arrest pedophiles around the world.

(Webmaster's comment:
Shows how a church forms a charity, Streetchild of God, and then uses the words right out of the Bible to justify covering up for the members who abuse children for sex. They use what Paul said in Corinthians Chapter 6, Verse 1 to avoid the rules of civilized people and the rule of law. Any excuse to avoid being punished for what they have done to children. This movie shows exactly what happens to the children [a seven-year-old child rolls over in bed to present her genitals for use by the male) and exactly how the church excuses it. "God Will Forgive Anything!")

Beck: Episode 24 - In the Name of God (2007) - 90 minutes
Beck: Episode 24 -In the Name of God at

A photographer is found dead after his apartment was ransacked. When Beck's boss goes through the evidence, she reacts so strongly to two photos found in the apartment that she hides them from the team. Gunvald goes undercover to get to the bottom of it all. A paparazzi photographer is found dead, his apartment ransacked. When Beck's superior Margareta Oberg goes through the evidence, she reacts very strongly to two of the images left behind, going so far as to hide them from the team. Who was in the photographs, and was the motive for the murder revenge, blackmail or something even more sinister?

(Webmaster's comment:
Ultra-conservative right-wing religious groups, such as
"The Brotherhood of Lot," "The Word of Life," "The Bible Temple," "The Pure Cross," and evangelists, all practice hate crimes against homosexuals, immigrants, those who have abortions, and have death lists of these people.)

Wallander: Episode 1 - Before the Frost (2005) - 90 minutes
Wallander: Episode 1 - Before the Frost at

A series of bizarre, ghoulish homicides defy explanation, with only a King James Bible left on each crime scene as a clue. Are they some sort of message? Detective Kurt Wallander and his daughter, Linda, discover what gets lost when belief turns into zealotry. Tracking a sadistic killer, detective Kurt Wallander follows a string of incidents -- attacks on domestic animals, ritualistic murders of humans -- with help from his daughter, Linda, a new member of the Ystad police force.

(Webmaster's comment:
Carrying on the hatred of Jim Jones and his "The Peoples Temple." The religious group that is anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-children not created naturally, and kill these people and children to show "The Flaming Wrath of God.")

Wallander: Episode 6 - The Priest (2009) - 90 minutes
Wallander: Episode 6 - The Priest at

A priest is found shot outside a hostel in what seems to be a crime of passion. Priest Henrik Nordstrom is shot outside a hostel which he has been using to have sex with his lover Lotta, wife of Peter Unell. Unell is managing director of a firm, Prominent Care, which exports hospital apparatus to Africa and the priest was involved with it. Henrik's pious wife Asa was aware of her husband's affair. Lotta tells Wallander she was about to leave her insensitive husband for the priest and candid photos of her with Nordstrom are found, along with the murder weapon in Peter Unell's house. As he stands trial for murder Wallander is convinced he has been framed and sets out to prove it.

(Webmaster's comment:
An excellent example of a religious mind that is nothing but a cesspool.)

Wallander: Episode 9 - The Angel of Death (2010) - 90 minutes
Wallander: Episode 9 - The Angel of Death at

An 18-year-old member of a young women's choir disappears and evidence is found that suggests she didn't leave of her own free will. Miranda, a stroppy teenager of Iraqi parentage, is abducted and dies after rowing with the choirmistress and Bea, another chorister. Wallander pulls in ex-racist skinhead Johan, the boy Miranda stole from Bea and then dropped, but has to release him. When Lina, another choir member vanishes, the trail leads to Thomas Hammar, a recluse, seemingly obsessed with the choir, but his motives for following them are personal and innocent. The real culprit is much closer to home.

(Webmaster's comment:
Not all sexual predators that lead groups at churches are males.)

Wallander: Episode 9 - Before the Frost (2012) - 90 minutes
Wallander: Episode 9 - Before the Frost at

Before the Frost finds Wallander fearing for the safety of his daughter's childhood friend when it appears she has become involved with a religious fanatic. A childhood friend of Linda Wallander goes missing. Wallander and Linda worry for her safety when they find links between her and a murderer. An elderly woman is murdered in a wood by a man she saw setting fire to swans. He buries her corpse with a bible annotating the book of Revelations and from his fingerprints he is identified as Jannek Langas, a religious maniac and arsonist. He has escaped from a secure unit but nonetheless has a healthy bank account in an assumed name. At the same time Anna, a friend of Linda, disappears after a cryptic visit to Wallander. Following Langas's suicide by immolation, Wallander learns that Langas and Anna belonged to the same fundamentalist Christian group and that other members are dying. Wallander must discover who is behind the killings and whether Anna is accomplice or victim - or even alive.

(Webmaster's comment:
The Christians that preach hate of others are always willing to kill
in the name of God. "The Way To Heaven's Gate" is paved
with the bodies of those that Christian groups hate.)

Irene Huss: Episode 5 -The Glass Devil (2008) - 90 minutes
Irene Huss: Episode 5 - The Glass Devil at

In a small village, three members of a family are brutally murdered in their homes, and their blood used to draw upside-down pentagrams on the walls. Irene pursues a lead from a local minister who's been investigating a Satanist movement. But are the culprits really members of a Satanic cult? In a small community near Gothenburg, three members of a family priest are found brutally murdered. The walls are covered with the inverted pentagram - the symbol of the devil's face - painted there with the victims' blood. Detective Inspector Irene Huss quickly pull parallels with an earlier case in which a priest was murdered. In that case there was satanistic couplings. But the deeper Irene Huss digs into the case, the more convinced she becomes that the men of the church are not always so pious as they should be.

(Webmaster's comment:
Shows how a church charity called "Save the Children"
is really just a hunting ground for church pedophiles.)

Maria Wern: Episode 1 - The Speechless God (2010) - 90 minutes
Maria Wern: Episode 1 - The Speechless God at

The usually joyous Midsummer celebrations on the island of Gotland are shattered by two gruesome murders. The killings imitate crimes committed decades ago by a long-deceased killer. As Maria Wern and her colleagues race to solve the copycat murders, they find themselves drawn into a maze of ancient Norse beliefs.

(Webmaster's comment:
A belief in an old god can result in just as much evil as belief in the new god.)

ANNO 1790: Episode 5 - The Wages of Sin is Death (2011) - 60 minutes
ANNO 1790: Episode 5 - The Wages of Sin is Death at

A very strict priest is lending money on the side. A bomb explodes in one of Stockholm's packed coffee houses. Daadh's investigation is interrupted by an order for him to put a stop to the illegal church services held by a pietistic congregation, of which Simon Freund is secretly a member. When a respected priest in the state church is found burned to death, Daadh suspects there's a link between the two murders, and that the perpetrator could be found in unsettlingly close proximity.

(Webmaster's comment:
A church leader in the past takes advantage of his power over the lives of others
to get sex from a young female church member, just like some do today.)

Fjallbacka Murders: Episode 6 - The Queen of Light (2013) - 90 minutes
Fjallbacka Murders: Episode 6 - The Queen of Light at

On a crystal clear, starry winter night a young woman dressed in a traditional Lucia gown is seen running across the ice. When she reaches an unfrozen channel, she drops her crown of candles in the snow and throws herself into the dark waters. As Erica investigates the case, she discovers the missing Lucia, a secret love affair, and a man seeking revenge. On a crystal clear, starry, and bitingly cold winter night a young woman dressed in the traditional Lucia white gown is seen running across the ice while sobbing. She stumbles in her long gown and drops her crown of candles in the snow and when she reaches a channel in the ice she throws herself into the dark waters and disappears. We find Erica and her husband Patrik right in the middle of preparing everything to celebrate Christmas in their house for the first time. On the 13th of December, the family goes to church to watch the Lucia celebration only to find out that the Lucia has gone missing. Erica, who notices a dispute in the audience, can't help herself but to try and find out what the fight was really about and what could have happened to the missing Lucia. The past catches up with the present as Erica's discoveries leads to the missing Lucia, a secret love affair, and a son seeking revenge for his mother.

(Webmaster's comment:
Male church leaders of old used their status to take just as much sexual advantage over young women members of the church as many of them do today.)

Sebastian Bergman: Part 2 - Dark Secrets (2013) - 90 minutes
Sebastian Bergman: Part 2 - Dark Secrets at

Bergman is strong-headed, politically incorrect, intuitive, abrasive - and grief-stricken. He's struggling to come to terms with the loss of his wife and young daughter from the 2004 tsunami in Thailand, an event that caused his life to careen out of control. Returning to work, Bergman had one more surprise waiting for him - an adult daughter he never knew he had, now working alongside him as a fellow investigator in the Stockholm police department. When Bergman finds out that she might be chosen to participate in an FBI training course in America, he's desperate not to lose her. At the same time, he discovers a personal connection in the case of three girls who were found dead in a small-town mine. It could have been a triple suicide or murder. More dark secrets emerge as the corpse of a notorious serial killer is found buried in a field. Clues lead to a nearby convent, where the body of a young girl is also unearthed. He has to figure out who killed the girl and who killed the killer. The game is on; catching criminals is the one thing Sebastian Bergman knows how to do best.

(Webmaster's comment:
A church's male leader messes up the mind of a young girl
beyond all human recognition. She will never recover.)

Christian Cults Movies