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Humanist Billboards for 2018

Individual Images of Humanist Billboards for May-June 2018
Billboards go up starting May 7th and run through June 24th
at South Minnesota Ave and 41st Street.

There will be a total of 1 Digital Billboard showing
7 different images each for 1 week.

Below are the 7 Digital Humanist Billboards appearing at
South Minnesota Ave and 41st Street

Humanist Billboard: ''America is the only place where you can be pro-death-penalty, pro-guns, pro-war and still call yourself pro-life,'' says Shane Claiborne, a Prominent Christian Activist and Best-selling Author. ''The Bible Belt is the Death Belt.''

Humanist Billboard: AR-15: The Perfect Weapon For Killing People. That's Its Only Purpose. Ban Them!

Humanist Billboard: AR-15: The Number Of Bullet Holes In This Poster Are The Number That Can Be Shot In The Time It Takes To Read It!

Humanist Billboard: Worst Mass Shootings In The US Since 1991. 282 People Who Are Gone Forever! 282 Families Who Will Never Be the Same!

Humanist Billboard: AR-15: Stop The Blood! Stop The Bleeding! Stop The Insanity! Ban Assault Rifles!

Humanist Billboard: AR-15: Prayers and Condolences are not enough! Our Government officials need to TAKE ACTION or STEP DOWN.

Humanist Billboard: Gun murder rates (per 100,000). US Gun Murder Rates Are Over 7 Times Any Other Country! Already this year there have been 130 kids, teachers, and family members killed in assaults at schools! This Has Got To Stop!

Humanist Billboards for 2018