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Islam History Movies
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Atheists

Sioux Falls Atheists recommend the following documentaries that describe the history of Islam.

Islam has been demonized by the American media. The Islamic faith, and most of its followers, are as peace-loving and as caring about others as any Christian, Jew, or atheist. In fact, Muslims are the ones that preserved the knowledge of the Greeks and the Romans, expanded on Greek and Roman mathematics, astronomy, architecture, agriculture, and art, and passed it on to the barbarians of Europe. The Musims were then killed by those very barbarians that later on became the beginning of Western Civilization. Sioux Falls Atheists think we owe a great debt to the Moors of Spain (the Muslims).

The Moors ruled most of Spain for over 600 years. Though they ruled, they were tolerant of Jews and Christians. Jews and Christians couldn't rule but they could live peacefully side by side with the Muslims and pursued their own lives and economic well being. While the barbarians in the rest of Europe were living in mud huts, the Muslims were building irrigation systems, magnificent cities with vaulted architecture (they invented the pointed arch), and building libraries and places of education. They built 100s of libraries, some with as many as 600,000 manuscripts. In Cordoba alone "At a time when London was no more than a wide spot in the road, Cordoba boasted a half-million citizens, 700 mosques, 300 public baths, and over 70 libraries. The twenty-one suburbs had paved and lit streets, with marble and mosaic floors and balconies. Artificial gardens and fountains graced the city proper, and paper, still unheard of to the west, was in ample supply." They had roadside lighting between their cities. A Muslim, Jew, or Christian could stand on a tower at night and look out across a landscape with lighted roadways running off into the distance. What a magnificent sight that must have been during the Early Middle Ages in the rest of Europe. The Europeans living in mud huts were quivering in them at night, afraid of the dark. What a contrast in civilizations, if we can stretch that word to the Europeans not living under Muslim rule.

1-28-16 Ancient maps of Jupiter’s path show Babylonians’ advanced maths
Ancient maps of Jupiter’s path show Babylonians’ advanced maths
A forgotten tablet has cracked a long-standing mystery about strange notations on other tablets - and shown ancient Babylonians used precursors to calculus. Thanks to a clue from a 50-year old photograph, a historian has decoded a mysterious trapezoid described on ancient Babylonian astronomical tablets. That previously unexplained description is a scheme to predict Jupiter’s place in the zodiac – and it shows that ancient Mesopotamian astronomers beat Europeans by at least 1500 years in grasping the ideas that led to integral calculus.

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The Sioux Falls Atheists endorse the Islam History documentaries described on the following 6 pages:

Islam History Movies
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Atheists