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Neuroscience and Psychology Books
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Atheists

Sioux Falls Atheists recommends the following books that describe the Human Mind. The first book is best.

The first book drives a stake into the heart of "Tabula Rasa" and the second drives a stake into the denial of the human unconscious mind. The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker put "Tabula Rasa" to sleep once and for all. There is no blank slate. We are born with genetic determinants just like any other animal. Twin studies, brain scans, and human universals have skewered the idea of the superiority of humans in any fundamental way. We are just another animal, more intelligence, more dominate, more brutal than many, with more conscious control over our behavior than most, but still just another animal, just another step in evolution. Sioux Falls Atheists say it's about time we accept that fact.

And let's not forget the unconscious mind. That big chunk of our brain that preprocesses all that sensory input from our eyes, ears, nose, touch, taste, and the internal senses we are hardly aware of. Our unconscious mind presents all that preprocessed information to our conscious mind such that we "see" reality in the best way for us to survive and breed. It is not necessarily the same as reality, in fact it most often is not. The unconscious mind presents us (our conscious minds) with selected "facts" so that we can make the best decisions for surviving and breeding. We get a censored view of reality all the time. When you're about to get run over by a truck you don't notice all that is around you that has nothing to do with getting you out of its way. Your unconscious mind is at work full time right then making sure you get the information most necessary to save your butt. Case closed!

The books are all available from but you are free to obtain them from many other sources. Amazon offers them on their website along with many alternate sources, often less expensive. You are free to choose whatever source you please. The book links on the following pages point to the book location at Amazon.

The Sioux Falls Atheists strongly endorse the Neuroscience and Psychology books described on the following 5 pages (especially the first one):

Neuroscience and Psychology Mind Books
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Atheists