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"America is the only place where you can be
pro-death-penalty, pro-guns, pro-war and still call yourself pro-life,"
says Shane Claiborne, a Prominent Christian Activist and Best-selling Author.
"The Bible Belt is the Death Belt."

I've been asked to maybe start a Humanist website. Since I have trademarked "Sioux Falls Humanists" I will be using that name for the website. Other than two books, three magazines, two movies, and a definition of Humanism I have little other information that is focused on Humanism. I also have no news articles that are specific to Humanism. Since that amount of information seems a little thin for a website I have added the "Sioux Falls Humanists" Humanism information here. If it grows with time I will make it a separate website.

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Humanist Movie: el Clavel Negro

Humanist Movie: Where To Invade Next

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