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White Supremacists Movies

Betrayed (1988)  - 127 minutes
A jarring, edge-of-your-seat excursion into a world of bigotry and violence.

Those In Power: Episode 3 - The Sacrifice (2006) - 180 minutes
Those In Power: Episode 3: The Sacrifice at

Party leader Elizabeth Meyer has never made a big deal of the fact that she comes from a Jewish family. Because of her background, she's begun getting death threats from radical extremists. Yet the greatest problem she faces comes from within; she's slowly succumbing to the family disease of Alzheimer's. She has one plan left, however. She's determined to win the national election and pass on the leadership to her Crown Princess.

(Webmaster's comment:
Just because they are Jews, Muslims hate them without reason.
White supremacists can use this further their cause.)

The Protectors: Episodes 3 & 4 (2009) - 120 minutes
The Protectors: Episodes 3 & 4 at

The just-graduated rookies are officially instated as PET bodyguards. After the yellow defense minister's resignation to take up a diplomatic posting abroad, the PM reshuffles the Danish cabinet. As this makes the daughter of an immigrated Persian professor culture minister, PET rightly suspects increased security risks from racist right-wing extremists. A leak is soon found, pointing to a complex conspiracy. Rasmus needs to mentally digest his deadly first mission. Even now he's best man at his sister's wedding, only Jewish PET agent Jonas Goldschmidt agrees to an undercover entrapment of the racists suspected of planning to murder his Egyptian colleague. After a fake discharge, he's transferred to the uniformed police as partner of the only accessible conspirator. The plan proves surprisingly complex and counteraction very dangerous, but the PM supports field chief Leon against yellow paper-pusher Diane.

(Webmaster's comment:
White supremacists will plot anything
to overthrow the government and kill immigrants.)

Wallander: Season 2 Episode 1 - The Revenge (2009) - 90 minutes
Wallander: Episode 1: The Revenge at

A series of explosions knock out Ystad's power transformers and send the citizens into a frenzy. Then the military is called in and the little town starts to look like a war zone. The small town of Ystad in Sweden is suddenly struck by could-be terrorist attacks after the townhouse has a controversial art exhibition that is religious in nature. The army, secret service, and politicians interfere with police work, but the police must find out who is blowing things up in Ystad and murdering local citizens.

(Webmaster's comment:
Many Muslims are intolerant of others' viewpoints of their religion.)

Arne Dahl: Episodes 7 & 8 - Afterquake (2015) - 120 minutes
Arne Dahl: Episodes 7 & 8: Afterquake at

The explosion is powerful and the devastation enormous when a subway train explodes in Stockholm's tunnel system on a November night. The country is in shock. A group calling themselves "The Holy Riders of Siffin" claim responsibility for the attack in an anonymous call that the A Unit manages to trace. They think they are close to an arrest. What they don't know is that this is just the beginning of a hunt framed by political extremism, hate, and death.

(Webmaster's comment:
White supremacists will kill other white people to throw suspicion on immigrants.)

White Supremacists Movies